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Search engines are Addressing: A plan to get your free Online Traffic

It’s time to talk about search engines and how you will generate significant traffic. After all, search engines can be a source of the most important traffic to your website. After work to get your site’s ranking, you can really have a huge traffic at your fingertips, all free of charge.

How often have you searched Google, Yahoo or Bing? Probably a lot, and if not, there are still many people who do it. But did you know that most people (80%) until I heard did not even go to the second page of results? When was the last time you clicked on the second page of results? It’s just not distinctive.

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Therefore, you really want to be on the first page, n”10 great” the coveted in the search engines, especially Google. Of where your traffic comes from, and a lot of it.

With regard to search engine marketing, also known as search engine optimization (SEO), there are so many that can be overwhelming. But if you reduce all courses and the super expensive product is, in fact, they will only teach you 3 main things: keywords offsite SEO & SEO on the site’s optimization.


Everything is focused on search engine keywords. This, therefore, is the most important step. When you write something on Google, say “traffic free online”, there are a number of things that affect what you see, but the main outcome is seen as the most relevant on Google. However, for keywords like this, competition is very tight so it’s hardly worth it, just because it took months to launch Google and all types of traffic.

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As a result, you want to find and target the specific keywords that have higher search volume but lower levels of competition. To do this, simply go to Google Keyword Tool and search for keywords related to your niche or your business. Be sure to check the box for “use synonyms” below the search bar to also display the related keywords.

By doing this, You will be able to find keywords that received a lot of search engine traffic. Then you must see if there is a lot of competition. To do this, simply copy the keywords you find in the keyword tool and paste it into Google search. Be sure to use quotes around you to write in Google: “your keywords”. By doing this, and look at the top of the search window on the right side, you can see how many people are competing for that keyword. If you find one that has more than 5,000 to 10,000 searches and less than 20,000 pages competing, you know you’ve found a winner with whom you can work. If you can’t find it, keep looking until you find it. This is the key step.

Once you have your keywords, it’s time to act.

SEO on the site

SEO on the site ensure that your keywords appear in the appropriate place on your websites, such as meta tags and title tags, and so on. These are all areas behind the scenes that Google and other search engines see to determine if your website is relevant to what people are looking for. Think of it like this: by entering your keywords into your website and your label, you will feel like you have a restaurant and hang a sign that says what’s in your restaurant. More people will be eating there because they know what they have. It will appear in the newspapers. So, when people go to a restaurant, they will see their restaurant next door. And BAM, more visitors.

on-page SEO - 750

The search engine works the same way. Put your keyword in your label and behind the scenes to tell other people (and search engines) what is your site. If other people looking for this information, the search engine said, “Oh, Hey, this site is all about that, let me put it here so you can see it.”

I know this analogy seems strange, but that’s all I have to report it, so go on. Therefore, you should include your keywords in Your Title: Your meta tags, website description, H1, H2, H3 and Bold tag your keywords on your website. This is the main thing to do for SEO on the site, so let’s get into the site right now.

Offsite SEO

This technique is one of the most difficult factors of SEO. This is important: even though the search engine wants to make your page more relevant, what do you do with SEO on the site, they also observed a number of websites that contain links that point to your site. This makes the search engine more important and gives the impression that your website is more important.

off page seo

For a sample, you have a website with 100 websites, all of which are linked to this website, your website will look good, doesn’t it? What will happen if this website is 100 all high ranking sites, like YouTube, Squidoo, or 6-up to 8 other pages? (9 is usually the highest, and only a few that get it, however, a page with a range of 5 to 7 are considered very powerful, so links from sites with a page range will have a lot of weight).

What you want to do is that many high ranking sites that are linking to your site. There are many services to help you. This is an area where I taught most of my downline, so I am not going to reveal much of anything here. But your overall strategy is to get a lot of links that lead to your site. So, combined with a strong reference on your site, your site seems to be very relevant and important to search based on a keyword in a search engine.

And that’s SEO in a few words. There are some things to remember and some guidelines that you can play, but these are the main things you need to remember.

Looking to Increase Your Organic Website Traffic? Here Are Some Tips


If you are planning on driving organic traffic to your website, the first thing you have to face is the reality. If someone tells you it is easy, then, don’t believe him or her. It is not an easy task. If you are interested in a quick fix, this might not be it. Building organic website traffic takes a lot of effort. However, it will turn out to be one of your best effort and time investment.

If your business has focused on using Facebook advertising and Google AdWords in the past, you were definitely impressed with the money you made from the immediate traffic. However, when you stopped paying to get the traffic, your sales went down again. The “instant gratification” you get from getting your traffic via advertising is never sustainable.

What organic traffic means is that the content you place on your business website will drive traffic to the website for a long time. It can help you make sales for years. This is why it is worth the effort you have to put in at the beginning. The Return on Investment (ROI) you get from building organic traffic is much higher when compared to the paid traffic ROI.

The ways you can use to build organic traffic are not the same. There are good ways. There are better ways. There are also ways which you should avoid. In this article, we will focus on showing you how you can boost your organic traffic by using the best ways. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Great Content is Where You Begin

Maybe a while back you read somewhere that you need to publish as much content as possible for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You have been creating content for the sake of just publishing content so that you can have a shot at ranking higher. Remember, your website represents your business. It might be the first impression your potential customer gets about your business. Believe us when we tell you that you don’t want the customers to have the wrong impression of your business.

Content Marketing

Apart from the potential customer having a poor impression of your business, you won’t rank high when you create poor quality content. Search engines are capable of telling poor quality content from great content. One of the ways the search engines will use to differentiate great content from low-quality content is how fast visitors leave a web page. If a visitor clicks on your website link but then navigates away from your website almost immediately, this tells the search engine that your website has nothing good to offer. Believe it or not, your website will be ranked lower. Great content will keep your visitors around. They will interact with the content via commenting and sharing it on social media. This will boost your search engine ranking.

Don’t Forget to Write Consistently

Maybe you have come across studies which tell you the best days and times when you should post a blog post on your website. Ignore these studies. Instead, focus on being consistent. Aim at posting at least once every week. Ideally, the more times you update your website with new articles, the better for you.

Search engines do love websites which do not seem abandoned. Frequently updated websites will always rank higher. Do not forget about the first tip we discussed. The content has to be high-quality content. With consistent updates, you will keep people coming back for more. Other blogs will keep linking to your content. Visitors will keep sharing it.

Writing content

Running a business and creating content consistently is not easy. However, have you ever thought of letting freelance writers write great content for you? Sure, you will pay for the content. But, unlike paying for ads which drive traffic to your website only when you are paying, you will be paying for content that will drive traffic to your website for probably years.

Find New Fans Via Guest Blogging

Earlier, people only used guest blogging to get links back to their websites. This can help improve your SEO ranking. One thing that people ignore is the fact that guest blogging can help them expose their business to a new audience. The website you are writing a guest post for does have its own visitors. If you write great content, people will be interested in finding out whether there is more on your business website. They will end up clicking the link to your website.


If you are going to be guest-posting for traffic, there are some things which you need to keep in mind. We have outlined these below:

  • Aim for authoritative websites. Make sure that each site you write a guest post for has high-quality content and a decent traffic.
  • Only write guest posts for websites in your niche. You might guest post on popular websites. However, if you are not reaching your ideal audience, you will not be doing your website any service. Websites in your niche have visitors who are interested in what you have to offer.
  • Promote the guest posts just like you would promote a blog post you just published on your own website.
  • Check back and always respond to comments on the guest post. Responding to comments on the site you guest-posted on is a great way to build a relationship with the site visitors.

Long Tail Keywords Work Better

There are the popular keywords which people are always searching for online. Everyone wants to rank for those keywords. The problem with the keywords is that they are extremely competitive. They are competitive such that you may never stand a chance of ranking in the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

keywords and seo 750

To give you a simple example, let’s assume that your business offers SEO services. If you try to rank for the keyword “SEO agency” there is a high likelihood that you will not have the ability to knock the heavyweights from the first SERP for the keyword. Using a long-tail keyword will work better. Consider using “SEO agency in Texas”. Few SEO agencies are likely to be using the long-tail keyword. This will offer you a better chance to rank higher. The long-tail keywords have two great qualities. These are:

  • They have greater relevancy.
  • They have less competition.

Keep Customers on Your Websites – Use Internal Links

After building a decent number of blog posts, you can link to these articles in the newer blog articles you create. Linking to related content on your website will make sure you keep your visitors on your website longer. You will be guiding them to more relevant content. If they are interested in the topic, there is a high likelihood they will check out the content. When visitors remain on your website for a long time, it will tell the search engines that you are offering high-quality content. This will improve your ranking on the SERP. One thing to avoid is overusing the internal links. Including too many internal links on the website will make the article look like spam.


If you are determined to build organic traffic, you can do it. The effort involved is totally worth it. The instant gratification you get from paid traffic which ceases when you stop paying. Organic traffic will continue streaming in long after you have created the content which people are coming to consume. One thing to keep in mind is that your content has to be the best. Search engines can tell when your content quality is poor.